Claddagh: The Tale of the Ring tells the story of the first Claddagh Ring - an Irish symbol of friendship, love and loyalty.


The Tale of the Ring

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The Story of the Claddagh Ring

Claddagh: The Tale of the Ring is a beautifully-illustrated children's book. A tale of sadness, adventure, love and triumph, the book tells the story of the first Claddagh Ring.

Three hundred years ago, while he was still only a young lad, Richard Joyce had to leave his native Galway to find work. He was captured by pirates and worked for a goldsmith who taught him his craft. According to legend, Richard designed the first Claddagh Ring and eventually returned to Galway as a jeweller.

Galway City, the Claddagh and the legend of the Claddagh Ring are vividly brought to life through the book’s wonderfully-told story and striking illustrations.

Link to Galway Online StoreCladdagh: The Tale of the Ring
by Patricia McAdoo, with illustrations by James Newell.
210mm x 210mm; 48 pages; 24 illustrations.
$11.00; ISBN: 0-9551652-0-2.
Published by Galway Online. November 2005.

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The Claddagh Ring is now famous around the world as a well-known symbol of friendship, love and loyalty. More…

Children of all ages enjoy the book. Those in the 7–11 age group enjoy reading this lively, entertaining and easy-to-read-book for themselves. It has already become a favourite bedtime story in many homes around the world. Read the Reviews…

This heart-warming book rekindles the history of the Claddagh Ring and reminds the next generation about this magical part of their heritage.

An ideal gift for children.